Do I need to be home for deliveries?

No, our team will drop off and pick up without anyone there.

What happens if I go on vacation?

You can put your account on hold and we’ll skip you for a week or you can let us know the week before and we can deliver a double order.

What if my baby outgrows the diapers?

We’ll always exchange unopened packs of diapers for a new size.

What if I put the diapers in the garbage?

They’ll be trash – the diapers must be composted to breakdown.

Can I compost diapers in my backyard?

No, to properly compost diapers they need be commercially composted to ensure all pathogens are destroyed.

Can I put diapers in my curbside compost?

No, not all composters can take poop.  Since we control the distribution we are able to maintain the integrity of the waste stream and ensure they end up at the right place.