Our Tips and Tricks

So much changes the first few weeks that you can remember everything! Click on any of the links below for more information or feel free to call us at 612-990-2183!

— The Do Good Team

Helpful Videos

Check out Do Good Diapers YouTube channel for informative, quick videos on our service. Here you will find the videos shared in your welcome emails. https://www.youtube.com/@DoGoodDiapers

Start Up Information

A summary of information on missed pick ups, sizing and more. See Guide

The Diaper Pail

Wondering where to place and best utilize the diaper pail? Check out this guide for ideas as well as helpful tips on controlling odor. See Guide

Cloth Diaper Safe Diaper Creams

Check this list to see if your diaper cream is safe for cloth diapers. See Guide

Angel Wing & Newspaper Folds

The most popular folds by far! These two folds are simple folds and work well with almost all babies! See Guide

The Bikini Twist

If your baby has heavy thighs, this fold works wonders. It provides a high cut opening while maintaining superior absorbency. This fold works best with diapers on the large size for your baby. This fold requires pins and a wrap. See Guide

The Jelly Roll

This fold is a little more involved but great for newborns who are really big poopers. See Video

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks!