New Client Packages

Our all-inclusive packages are curated to make it easy for every parent to use reusable diapers!

13 Week Package: $339 $299 (Special!)

27 Week Package: $589

52 Week Package: $1089 (Best Value)

*All packages have a 4 week minimum

We provide everything you need! As baby grows – simply turn in your current size and we’ll bring the next size. You continue to use our gear as long as you are using our service

  • 80 Cloth Diapers/week
  • Diaper Pail rental
  • 7 Diaper Covers
  • 2 Snappi Fasteners
  • Travel Bag
  • Diaper Pail Liners
  • 1 Case of compost wipes ($45/value!)

Premium All In One Packages

Our hybrid All-In-One Packages make it easy to upgrade. Full time or Part time you can make a difference!

Full Time: $35/week

Part Time: $28/Week

*All Premium Packages have a 12 week minimum

We wash it all – simply put the diaper and shell in the pail liner and leave the rest to us!

Full Time

  • 20 Gro Via Shells/Week
  • 70 Absorbent inners
  • Diaper Pail
  • Diaper Pail Liner
  • Travel Bag

Part Time

  • 10 Gro Via Shells/Week
  • 35 Absorbent inners
  • Diaper Pail
  • Diaper Pail Liner
  • Travel Bag

Trial Packages

Premium Trial (4 Weeks): Everything you need to figure out your diapering style!

  • 40 Prefold diapers/week
  • 3 Prefold Covers
  • 1 Snappie
  • Pail
  • Travel Bag
  • 3 Gro Via Covers
  • 9 Gro Via Inserts
  • 2 Packs of Compostable diapers
  • 1 Pack of Compostable Wipes
4 Weeks For Only $139

Simple Trial (1 Week): Try it – you will like it!

  • 40 Prefold diapers/week
  • 3 Prefold Covers
  • 1 Snappie
  • Pail
  • Travel Bag
4 Weeks For Only $139

Wash Your Stash – Weekly

Tired of washing diapers? Are solids getting gross? Let Do Good take care of your investment. Once a week we’ll pick up, wash and return your diapers fresh and clean. Get some time back for you!

Weekly Do Good Wash – $18

Cloth Diaper Deep Clean – One Time

Stinky stash? Less absorbency? Do your diapers just need a really good prepping or deep cleaning – let Do Good do the heavy lifting. We’ll pick up, strip and return your diapers fresh and ready for action.

Weekly Do Good Wash – $39

Weekly Diaper Pricing

After your initial package is done or if you have your own covers and gear, our pricing is based on how many diapers you use.

  • 20 Diapers/Week: $21
  • 40 Diapers/Week: $22
  • 60 Diapers/Week: $23
  • 80 Diapers/Week: $24
  • 100 Diapers/Week: $25
  • 120 Diapers/Week: $26

Why Choose Do Good?

Amazing Value

Our average client spends under $20.00 a week. Plus, when your baby potty trains, we’ll refund your remaining package. Find out more here.

Customer Service

We’re ready to help. Got a question we’ll answer it! You can email us a or call us at 612.990.2183

Hyrbid Packages

The benefits of cloth, plus the convenience of compostable. Great for babysitters and family!

Easy Order Changes

Need to move up in size? Or perhaps change your diaper amount? Changes are simple via our website, or with our mobile app.

Have any questions about cloth diapers?