Frequently Asked Questions

When should I sign up?

When you are ready! It helps us ensure a timely delivey if you sign up at least 4 weeks before your due date. Most parents sign up at the beginning of the third trimester but our central location makes it easy for us to get you set up within 24 hours if you decide to call on your way to the hospital (yep – it happens).

When do I pay?

We collect payment the week of the pre-arrival delivery.

How do I know how many diapers I’ll need?

A majority of our clients average between 65-80 dipaers/week for the first several months. We recommend all our newborn clients start with 80 diapers/week and we’ll adjust as needed.

When do you do the first delivery?

We drop off your pre-arrival delivery 7-10 days before your expected due date (week 36 for twins). We then put your account on hold until you contact us and let us know you’ve started diapering.

What if I don’t use the diapers right away?

No problem – Do Good does not track your weeks or do a 2nd delivery until you call us and let us know you are home and using the diapers.

Can I put our account on hold?

Of course! To put your account on hold simply notify us at least 2 business days before your delivery day. We’ll skip your delivery and adjust your billing cycle accordingly.

Have any questions for us?