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Need to Change your Cloth or Compostable Diaper Order? Let us know!

To change your order please fill out the form below. Changes must be received 2 business days prior to your delivery day.

Need Wipes? Baby Shampoo? Lotion?

Don’t forget we have compostable baby wipes that can be put in the bag with all diapers along with a range of gentle and good for baby bath products. CLICK HERE to add items to your next order!

Diaper Sizes:

  • Newborn(Yellow): 6-10lbs
  • Medium(Blue/Dark Green): 8-17lbs
  • Large(White): 15-30lbs
  • Junior (Green): 25+lbs

Diaper Covers:

  • Newborn: 6-10lbs
  • Size 1: 8-18lbs
  • Size 2: 18-35lbs

For Cloth Diaper Users:

  • Please turn in all diapers (clean and dirty) and all 7 covers. If you have rented additional covers please turn them all in.
  • Please put all your current diaper covers in the travel wetbag – the new covers will be delivered in a new travel bag.
  • Anything your little one is wearing turn in the following week and we’ll check it in.

For Compostable Diaper Users:

We will exchange any unopened packs of compostable diapers. Please email us at info@dogooddiapers.com with the number of packs you would like to exchange.