Reusable Diapers Help Speed Up the Potty Training Process

Reusable Diapers Help Speed Up the Potty Training Process

Reusable cloth diapers have many well-known perks, like saving money while protecting your infant’s sensitive skin and the environment. But did you know that reusables can even help you get your child potty trained faster?

Do Good Diaper Service

You can bid the diaper phase farewell sooner by using Do Good Diapers’ reusables instead of store-bought disposables. And the best part about this decision, aside from being a good steward of the Earth, is that Do Good Diapers does all of the cleaning work for you!

By signing up for our services, all you have to do is put the dirty diapers in a bag, and we pick them up and replace them with a load of clean ones. We make the swap even if you aren’t home, so there is no interruption to your busy schedule.

How Do Reusable Diapers Help Speed Up the Potty Training Process?

When your child urinates in a disposable diaper, they still feel dry because of the super-absorbant polymers that immediately draw the moisture away from their bottom, meaning there is no incentive to use the potty. However, cloth diapers do not have that lining, so your child will feel some wetness on their skin.

Your little angel begins to understand the cause of their discomfort when they can feel the wetness after they pee. Then, they will catch on quicker about how going to the potty means staying dry. This “potty-awareness” connection is half of the battle.

Note: We do offer pocket diapers that feature suede or fleece-type liners that wick away moisture, allowing it to be absorbed by the insert in the pocket. Your baby will feel as dry as they would with a disposable diaper.

Babies of the Past Completed Potty Training Faster

The average age to complete a child’s potty training during the 1950s was 18 months. This was right before disposable diapers took the world by storm. Fast-forward to today, and the average age is 36 months. Babies of the past likely ditched their nappies faster because they wore reusable cloth diapers.

Give Reusable Diapers a Chance

We cannot guarantee that a cloth-diapered baby will always transition to the potty faster than a disposable-diapered baby. But if you search the internet, you will find countless parent testimonials hailing their child’s early potty-using ability thanks to reusable diapers. So, give Do Good Diapers a chance and sign up for services!