Should You Use Reusable Baby Wipes Too?

Should You Use Reusable Baby Wipes Too?

You have likely heard that reusable diapers are better for the environment and your wallet than disposables. However, not as often discussed are baby wipes. Yet, cloth diapering raises the question of whether to use cloth wipes.

Most parents will consider cloth wipes for the same reasons they use cloth diapers. Cloth wipes are cheaper, generate less waste and help you avoid rubbing chemicals on your baby’s delicate bottom.

So, ditch the single-use baby wipes along with the nappies! They will only drain your bank account, pile up in landfills, and potentially irritate your child’s skin.

Additional Advantages of Reusable Baby Wipes

They are more effective.

Cloth cleans poopy bottoms better than throwaway wipes. Fabric “grabs” messes, making cleanup easier and keeping your hands cleaner. Disposable wipes are thin and offer little protection. Plus, you have to use many sheets because they are so thin.

You know what is on them.

If you make your own wipes, you will know precisely what you use to clean your baby’s sensitive skin. In fact, there is nothing wrong with simply wiping your baby’s bottom with water.

It is the ideal solution for newborns whose skin is susceptible and absorbent. However, even oils labeled “safe for babies” should not be used on infants younger than three months.

Sustainability matters.

Ditching disposable baby wipes is a terrific way to live more sustainably with your baby. Wet wipes contain polymers; therefore, they degrade slowly, taking years to break down in landfills.

A Guide to Using Reusable Baby Wipes

You use reusable wipes like you would disposable ones.

Tip: Keep toilet paper beside the changing table for major messes (poop). Start by removing solids with that and flushing them down the toilet, then finish wiping your child’s bottom clean with a damp cloth wipe.

On-the-go: Carry dry wipes (pre-moistened ones can get mildewy quickly) and wet them with bottled water when you need to use them. You can also pre-make a soapy solution and put it in a spray bottle to easily spray a dry wipe on the spot. Lastly, keep a separate waterproof bag at hand for storing used wipes.

Washing Reusable Baby Wipes

Washable wipes do not require much more effort. Just toss them in a tub of cold water until laundry day. Then, wash them with your other clothes or make a designated load for your cloth diapers and wipes. (Check your brand’s washing directions for specifics.) If you need assistance in choosing what’s best for your family, reach out to Do Good Diapers to discuss!