Why a Cloth Diaper Service is Worth It

Why a Cloth Diaper Service is Worth It

Today’s cloth diapers are modern diapers for the modern family. They have progressed a long way in functionality and design from the reusable diapers of previous generations. They are simpler to use, gentle on baby’s skin and highly absorbent.

However, cloth diapers still need to be washed. This is the primary factor that hinders would-be cloth diapering families from adopting the practice. But what if you didn’t need to deal with the labor of cleaning them?

That is the purpose of a diaper delivery service like Do Good Diapers. We make reusable diapering simple by handling the dirty labor while you and your baby reap the rewards of cloth diapering.

What a Diaper Service Does

The concept behind a diaper service is that you receive a pack of reusable diapers that someone will launder for you for a weekly or monthly fee. What a relief! All you have to do is leave the dirty ones for pickup, and we will replace them with fresh, clean and sterilized ones.

We follow stringent guidelines at Do Good Diapers when cleaning any used diapers. It is one of the advantages of choosing the service versus self-washing. You can be confident that the diapers are 100% hygienic.

Additional Benefits of Employing a Diaper Service

Less waste. As your baby grows, we can change the size of the diapers delivered. Therefore, you will not have to deal with piles of leftovers or spend money buying a whole new batch every time they grow out of them (if you opt for cloth diapering on your own).

Convenience. The days of dumping a soiled diaper in the toilet are long gone. Instead, the dirty diaper can be tossed in the pail and forgotten!

Save time. A diaper service saves you time (less laundry or fewer grocery store trips), which you can spend playing with your beautiful baby!

Save money. Our service is comparable to disposable diapers because a cloth diapered infant usually potty trains 1+ years earlier, meaning fewer diapers. Plus, you pay by time with a cloth diaper service, not per diaper. In contrast, every time you throw away a disposable diaper, you have to buy another.

Sustainability. Using reusable diapers is better for the environment than single-use diapers, which end up in landfills.

See For Yourself the Benefits of a Cloth Diaper Service

Still unsure about cloth diapers? Feel free to call us at (612) 990-2183 with any questions. The friendly staff at Do Good Diapers are ready to assist.